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Top 10 Cable Manufacturers in Pakistan.

Electric Cable and Wire manufacturers in Pakistan are transforming the industry with the specialization in rendering High Carbon Steel and Copper Wire. All Manufacturers in the Cable and Wire Industry of Pakistan are producing and supplying different kinds of cables and wires. These electric cables and wires can be used in a wide range including Telecommunication, Energy Transmission, Construction of any building, Furnishing your house, Agricultural sector of Pakistan, Heavy Duty Machinery, and Automobile industry in Pakistan. Electric Wires and Cables manufacturers of Pakistan are providing good quality and secure cables, according to the international standards of quality.

Here we are providing the details of top 10 cable manufacturers and suppliers in Pakistan.

1. Unicore Cable Industries

Unicore Cables is the producer of the best quality electrical wires, electrical cables, and conductors.  They have a broad vision of Green Energy which they are following since their origin for playing their part in the development of Pakistan’s Wire and Cables industry. Unicore Cables manufactures standard compliant cable products following British, Japanese and International Standards.

2. Pakistan Cables

Pakistan Cables is the best and most popular cable manufacturer in Pakistan. They start the industry here and providing electric cables since 1953. Their products are tested according to the world known KEMA Laboratory standards. The company never compromises on its quality. Pakistan Cables has been indexed in the PSE since 1955.

3. Allied Group

Mr. Aftab Ahsan started the Allied Group Cable Manufacturing company in the year 1981. He availed the opportunity that the demand for quality electric cable products is increasing in the market and there is a gap to fill. They import the latest Furnace and plant for the manufacturing of Cables.

4. Newage Cables

Newage Cables Pvt. Limited is one of the largest cable manufacturers of Pakistan and they were the first to get certified with ISO 9000 certification. Newage was founded by Mr. Mir Muhammad Azam in 1956. He started the company with a vision to improve the electrical industry of the country by providing High-quality electrical wires and cables and he played his part very well.

5. A.G.E. Cables

A.G.E. Cables was established in 1968. A.G.E. cables is a Pakistani cable manufacturing company which are producing electric cable according to BSS and IEC standards. Due to the hard work of the team, they have a strong distributing channel and providing good quality products throughout the country.

6. Fast Cables

Fast Cables company has been serving the people of Pakistan with its high-quality cables since 1985. Fast Cables is Pakistan’s leading and most advanced electrical cable manufacturer.

7. Universal Cables

They started very small back in 1978 but they always want to value their customer which made them a big ISO certified cables manufacturing company in Pakistan.

8. Silk Cables

Silk Cable is another electric wires and cable manufacturer company of Pakistan. The company started in early 2000s and earn a good repute.

9. Alliance Cables

Alliance cables in an electronic cables manufacturing company. Alliance Cables is one of the renowned names in this industry.

10. NEXT Cables

Next Cables is also a good manufacturer of first-class electric wires and cables in Pakistan.