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Low Smoke Zero Halogen Electric Cables

LSZH stands for Low Smoke Zero Halogen. Since 1970, the wire and cable industries have used low-smoke and low-halide materials in many areas. In connection with improved environmental awareness and safety issues, people realized that wires and cable jackets play a very important role in fires and this point led them to a wide optical cable with low smoke levels, zero halogens (LSZH).

What are LSZH cables?

LSZH is a kind of cable with sheath and insulation, which is made of special material LSZH. When it fires, it just produces less smoke, so it can be a very ideal choice for many places when building objects.

Where are LSZH cables used?

The most important feature of LSZH is safety, low smoke and zero halogens are very important and useful for personal safety. LSZH cables are used in public places such as trains and metro stations, airports, hospitals, ships, and commercial buildings. Data centers contain large amounts of fiber optic cables and often enclosed spaces with cooling systems that can potentially spread combustion over a large area.

In the event of a fire, the number of people die from breathing in smoke is much more than other causes of death in a fire. For personal safety, it is important to use LSZH cables that release very little smoke and zero halogen material in these places.

When choosing or developing a fiber-optic cable for any application, the operating environment in which they are used must be considered in terms of efficiency, performance, and price among other things. And for the safety of the environment, you should use LSZH cable for this factor. There are many suppliers who are using this technology to producing wires and LSZH is also included in the international standards for safety.

Why do we need LSZH cable?

Halogens and Toxicity. The cable with the LS index during a fire releases halogen, which include chlorine, fluorine, toxic substances and vigorous oxidizing agents that cause corrosion. It significantly narrows the scope of this cable. In the event of a fire, the highly toxic gaseous hydrogen chloride released spreads through the object and when combined with water vapor it condenses on the equipment in the form of concentrated hydrochloric acid which is dangerous for health. So, due to this main factor, the cable manufacturers must make Low Smoke Zero Halogen cables.