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Environment-Friendly Green Cables

In accordance with the main directions of development of safe, reliable and environmentally friendly innovative technologies, Unicore Cables has expanded its line of green cables. A new component of this series has the most environmentally friendly cable on the market.

In the construction of cables, traditional polyethylene of petroleum origin, used for the manufacture of insulation, has been replaced by bio-polyethylene (green polyethylene), a material developed based on sugar cane, which is 100% renewable, has an international certificate and provides a reduction in carbon dioxide emissions to the atmosphere. It is estimated that for each ton of green polyethylene produced there are more than two tons of carbon dioxide absorbed from the atmosphere when the reed is grown. Our cables meet the requirements of the International standards for electrical installations in places with a high concentration of people and limited in volume environments. These cables have an outer sheath that provides additional mechanical protection for any type of installation: directly in the ground.

Use of our new Green Cables

Our new green cables are designed for use with power terrains, equipment and lighting equipment in arenas and stadiums, airports, shopping malls, libraries, museums, cinemas, theaters, the metro, data centers and stores, hospitals, schools, residential buildings, and commercial buildings.

The next stage provides for the expansion of the use of “green” polyethylene in the construction of energy cables for air and underground distribution networks. Our cables do not extend burning in case of a fire and emit the minimum quantity of smoke and toxic gases that do by the safest products in the cable market. In addition, they have extremely high flexibility, do not contain lead or other heavy metals.

Supply in International Market

New generation green cables, which are manufactured in our factories in the cities of Pakistan will be supplied to markets in Pakistan and we will compete in other international markets as well.

Green bio-polyethylene

Green bio-polyethylene, green plastic or green PE are all names for linear low-density polyethylene made from renewable sources (ethanol), that is, not derived from petroleum, like ordinary polymers. This innovative technology for producing insulation material was developed by Brazilian company Braskem, the largest petrochemical company in Latin America and one of the largest in the world, a supplier of raw materials for Prysmian. The main advantage of this material, which is visually and functionally identical to conventional plastic, is its environmental benefits (absorption of more than two tons of carbon dioxide from the atmosphere for each ton of polyethylene produced, which in turn, helps reduce the greenhouse effect).